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Protect your business from internet crime



Helping you protect your business from internet crime.

Every day you hear about how fraud or hacking damaged or ended a business. But how do you protect yourself? The advice you see keeps changing, costs a lot, and doesn't seem like it will really help.

But bad things do happen to real businesses, and more and more gets stolen every year. 

Why gamble with your business?

It is easy to lose big on computer crime.  Despite what CNN tells you, it's almost never because of evil geniuses with hacking super powers.  It usually happens in boring ways: the same scams as always, but now with computers. 

In 2015, Ubiquiti, a successful company with enthusiastic customers, lost $46 million when someone was duped into sending it to the wrong bank account.  It's even more common now.  

We can help

There are easy ways to prevent this from happening to you. A Simple Salt Checkup provides a true picture of your risk and explains what will protect your business the most. 

Do you provide trusted advice?

Simple Salt is ready to augment your expertise with credible and meaningful security advisory services addressing regulatory requirements and objective risk. 

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