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protection that works
They trust you with their money.  You make sure everything adds up.

You can create the most sophisticated tax strategy for a client, but it only helps if they follow it.  We all know it: a financially savvy business with healthy cash flow is easier to serve.  Educating your client about financial risks is often the hardest part, but the most important.  What would happen if someone:

  • Drained their bank account

  • Impersonated your client to a customer and diverted payments

  • Impersonated a vendor and diverted payments

  • Changed payroll details to defraud your client or their employees

Help them help themselves

Reduce your client's overall financial risk the risk to you of financial emergencies or cleanup from fraud.  Let us advocate for security on your behalf so you can focus on their books.  Give your client clarity and give yourself peace of mind.  


Let's be stronger together

Protect your client and yourself with a range of services designed to complement yours.  For new clients, we recommend starting with a Security Checkup.  The Checkup assesses your client’s overall security risk and identifies easy, effective changes to the way they work.   More advanced services and customized white-label offerings are also available.  

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