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For when it's complicated

Sometimes you just need someone reliable and trustworthy who can handle multiple efforts and lets you focus on your  priorities. At large companies, this can be several roles - the Chief Information Security Officer leads the cybersecurity team and the Chief Financial Officer is usually responsible for fraud. They define priorities, build approaches, and drive execution. For smaller organizations, finding and retaining someone with the skills to fill these roles in a reasonable budget is usually impossible.

We address this problem through a remote, part time (Virtual) Risk Officer invested in your success. They excel at:

Technical Acumen

As seasoned professionals, they also have strong backgrounds in fraud and cybersecurity domains such as:


Pricing is based on the total scope of work you need and is handled by by custom contract.  

You have better things to do than learn and manage a variety of security capabilities. Let us do it for you. Schedule a chat to discuss how Simple Salt can help you prevent internet crime.  

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Virtual Risk Officer

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