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protection that works
We are solely invested in your best interest.

No Tech Sales

Most security consulting companies get a cut of whatever security tools they convince customers to buy. It takes consultants time to keep current on product features, represent them well, manage contracts, register deals, and listen to product pitches. We don’t do that. 


Bonus: you don’t have to worry about getting a garbage product recommendation because it nets us 6 points in margin.

No Sales Team

There are no account executives with monthly quotas calling you up every week. Prices are published and the same for everyone. 

No hassle, no fuss.  

Good News

Many consulting companies think that scaring their clients with long lists of bad practices will ensure future business. We do not. If you’re doing great, we don’t spend any extra time coming up with findings to justify ourselves to you. 

We provide honest, useful advice.
You get the unvarnished truth.


Many business consulting projects are for measuring the performance of some inhouse team at a big company, and they usually end with arguing between the team and the consultants about the report.  We avoid these costs by sticking to smaller businesses. 

Lean Process

We have developed a proprietary method to quickly and rigorously assess the practical security risk in small and medium businesses. You benefit from that focus: we are able to offer our services with the same rigor and quality as similar security advisory services at a substantially lower cost.

You save on great service.

Why Simple Salt?

What Makes us Different

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