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protection that works
They trust you with their most important concerns and you guide them toward success.

Good outcomes are much easier when your client has done their part.  Prior due diligence, shrewd negotiations, and objective risk analysis makes it easier for you to get the results they want.  They are in control of their cases and have the most influence over outcomes.   Substantial legal costs and preparation can be wasted or compounded by one security incident.  What would happen if the wrong person:

  • Stole IP from your client

  • Stole contracts or details for a deal under negotiation

  • Stole emails, correspondence, or financial records

  • Impersonated your client to an authority or business partner

  • Defrauded your client at an inopportune time

Help them help themselves

Reduce your client's overall risk and the risk to you of unrelated setbacks and complications to their case.  Let us advocate for security on your behalf so you can focus on legal strategies and outcomes.  Give your client clarity and give yourself peace of mind.  


Let's be stronger together

Protect your client and yourself with a range of services designed to complement yours.  For new clients, we recommend starting with a Security Checkup.  The Checkup assesses your client’s overall security risk and identifies easy, effective changes to the way they work.   More advanced services and customized white-label offerings are also available.  

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