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Our most popular service.  In three easy steps, get clear and helpful advice relevant to your business, covering​:


Based on complexity, regulations, and your unique security needs.  Common price estimates are shown below; organizations with special security needs may warrant extra care and effort.  Scheduling your Checkup indicates agreement with its Terms of Service.


10 or fewer office employees


Between 10 and 100 office employees


Over 100 office employees

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How it works
We listen to you
We think about you
We present to you
Top threats and the risk they present 
The best ways to address them

After the initial consult, you get an invoice.  Payment enables us to analyze the information you shared and create your personalized report.  Payment is also required to schedule additional sessions for organizations whose size or complexity warrant them.

In the initial consult, we learn about how you handle finance, IT, data, and marketing.  Small businesses are often able to cover everything within the initial 1-hour consult.  Larger organizations or those with special regulatory or security concerns may require additional sessions.  If you’d prefer to defer some topics to others, ensure they can also attend.

Review the report, which contains an objective assessment of your security risk, major threats, and the most effective ways you can reduce it.  Delivery meetings should be scheduled between one and three weeks after the last session. 

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