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protection that works
They trust you with their brand.  You nurture and grow it.

But it’s a partnership; your job is so much easier when they have a steady supply of happy customers.  Your client is responsible for their brand, and ultimately has the most power to build it or destroy it.

This is especially true in security.  Years of hard-won reputation and customer goodwill can wither with one bad security event, such as:

  • Their website or social media pages changed to promote other companies, advertise illegal activities, or steal from visitors. 

  • Customer secrets leaked and sold on the black market. 

  • Extra bills sent to their customers followed by aggressive calls from fake debt collection. 


Let's be stronger together

Protect your client’s investment in their brand with a Simple Salt Security Checkup.  The Checkup assesses your client’s overall security risk and identifies easy, effective changes to the way they work.   More advanced services and customized white-label offerings are also available.  

But they don't listen

Some clients don't listen to you when you talk about security.  Sometimes that is reasonable: they came to you for help with messaging and branding.  Build your credibility and let Simple Salt advise on your behalf so you can speak to what they already trust you with.  Give your client clarity and give yourself peace of mind.  

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