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protection that works
You help your clients achieve their goals.  Their success is your success.

Do your customers need credible and easy security advice? Do you need insight into the risk they incur from security threats?

Increase the value you provide to clients through a partnership with Simple Salt. We provide customized security advisory services as cobranded partnerships or full white-label services. In both cases, we can often integrate with your order management system via API for transparent, friction-free scheduling and delivery. 

Our Values

We prioritize your client’s needs. We strive to provide them the most credible and helpful security advice, clearly communicating how concerned they should be, and what they should do about it.


Our advice is rarely technical, focusing instead on the ways they manage their business such as through finance, IT strategy, and operational excellence.


We frame our recommendations to encourage clients toward continuous improvement, often through standard work with built-in assurance.

Learn more about what makes us unique.

For Partners

The Checkup: Our Approach

The Security Checkup is our most popular service, and it provides a unique value proposition: for a minimal investment, your client gets a report of their effective security risk, explaining the top security threats and a prioritized list of changes they can make to reduce that risk. Reports are written simply and are explained during a delivery meeting by an advisor who encourage questions and ensures understanding.

The checkup process uses a proprietary blend of industry security and risk frameworks. It starts with FAIR, then we layer on some SPC/CMMI and finish with a dollop of MITRE ATT@CK. We then apply an artisanal, handpicked set of controls from CISNIST, the TSCs, and many others, regularly refined to reflect the current security risk landscape.

Checkups are not audits, are not a replacement for assurance, and should not be used as an attestation of compliance or suitability to any third party: our process is only reliable within the accuracy and completeness of client responses.

Checkups can be a valuable addition to any risk profiling capability. They provide a valuable picture of security quickly and efficiently.

Protect your clients and yourself

Let us advocate for security on your behalf so you can focus on what you do best.


Reduce the risk of client financial emergencies from fraud.


Reduce the risk of case setbacks from stolen client secrets and settlements.


Reduce security risk from the human factor.


Reduce the risk of brand damage from account compromise.

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