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protection that works
They trust you with their tech.  You keep it all working.

We’ve all been there, talking someone through how to click on a link (or maybe not to click that link!).  A savvy client is much easier to support.  But even the most amazing IT shop can't do it all for them.  They are ultimately responsible for the health and integrity of their technology and data.  What would happen if someone:

  • infected your client with ransomware

  • took over your client’s email account

  • Stole secrets such as credit card numbers or medical records


Even if they click the link and ignore the warning, you know you'll still get the blame. 

But they don't listen

Some clients don't listen to you when you talk about security.  In some ways, that's natural: impenetrable and perfectly monitored tech is only half of preventing scams, compromise, and fraud. Let us advocate for security on your behalf, speaking to the softer side of security so you can focus on the tech stack.  Give your client clarity and give yourself peace of mind.  


Let's be stronger together

Protect your client and yourself with a range of services designed to complement yours.  For new clients, we recommend starting with a Security Checkup.  The Checkup assesses your client’s overall security risk and identifies easy, effective changes to the way they work.   More advanced services and customized white-label offerings are also available.  

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